List of some My Favorite Solos of all Time

October 10, 2016

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The reason I started playing guitar was because of these little parts of songs called solos. We all love solos as guitar players whether it’s something slow and soulful like a B.B King solo or a blazing fast lick like anything from Yngwie Malmsteen. I love solos more than anything in this world. Solos get me so emotional and I literally cannot control myself when I hear a solo. I have to make all of these crazy facial expressions and I have to play the air guitar, it is inevitable.

This is probably going to be an ongoing list.

This list would be really long if I remembered and named every single solo that I loved. This is just going to be a list of my favorite solos from the top of my head so it won’t be 100 songs long. I have over 1100 songs on my phone, it can total up to well over 800 solos. If I forget any solos that you love let me know. I probably like the solo too and just forgot to add it. I will try not to make this too long. That might be hard though, just when I think I’m done I’m going to remember somebody else and say “Oh I HAVE to add this person, I would be stupid not to.”

Knockin’ On Heavens Door- Guns N’ Roses version

Slash’s tone, out of this world. I don’t think I have to say much more than that.

Purple Rain

This solo gets me making the most faces out of any solo. It’s just so emotional and great. Prince really was a great guitar player, to think I never even knew how great he was with a guitar.

Story of the Blues, Live Empty Rooms, and the Loner

Gary Moore really was a great guitar player with so much feeling in his playing. He really knew what he was doing on that guitar and his Stockholm ’87 show was just amazing. The loner and empty rooms, which he performed in that show, were just excellent. I used to listen to those songs every day because of how much emotion they had in them.

Little Red Corvette (main solo)

This is another solo from the genius Prince. He really knew what he was doing.

Beat It

This solo by Van Halen is definitely Van Halen style. Rumor is, he came in, improvised this solo in one take, and then left. That’s scary if it is true.


Panama is just a feel-good song for me. The part of the solo where it gets quiet and you can hear the revving of an engine is my favorite part of the solo. It’s just like a build up to the riff that makes me jump in the air every time.

Hot for Teacher (both solos)

This is the song that made me want to play guitar so of course I have to add this song to the list. The intro solo seemed so hard but so cool to me at the time. I wouldn’t be here if I had never had a fascination with that song.


This is just a great solo. Synyster Gates really went all out for this guitar solo. Some might say it’s too flashy but that doesn’t make it bad.

Iron Man

This solo by the great Tony Iommi shows just how great he really was.

E.S.P (all the crazy solos, but especially the intro solo)

This song by the young and excited Marty Friedman and Jason Becker is a great testament to their true guitar skills. It is such a shame what happened to Jason Becker. If you want to donate to him, you can here.

Holy Wars…and the Punishment Due

I got a Jackson to be just like Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman.

Sunglasses at Night

Some pop artists have some great people playing guitar for them to do solos like this. I have been looking for a correct lesson of this solo on the internet for the longest. If you know of any accurate lessons or tabs, let me know in the comments.


Eric Clapton is a blues legend. This song showed he really can do it all. He solos like his life depends on it and you can hear his emotions through his guitar playing.

Metallica Kill Em’ All (pretty much every solo)

A lot of people like to talk down on Kirk Hammett but I don’t get why. He is one of the pioneers of the thrash metal genre and he is an excellent guitar player. The first solo on the Four Horsemen is my favorite off of the album but they’re all great.

Mr. Crowley and any other Randy Rhoads song

Randy Rhoads was just a crazy guitarist. I have a Randy Rhoads tribute shirt on as I am writing this.

Let me know which ones I missed in the comments down below.

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