Your First Guitar Chords

October 25, 2016

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So you’ve just gotten your first guitar and you want to learn the chords. I’m proud of you for coming here to learn the basics first. A lot of people think they can just pick up a guitar and be a rock star with one day of practice. After learning these basic chords, you can go onto learning some songs from the list of beginner guitar songs to make you feel like a rockstar.

These diagrams might be a little confusing to a beginner so I’ll explain every bit of them.

First of all you should know the order of the strings. From top to bottom it is EADGBE. You can remember it by this, Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie. EADGBE. In this diagram, string 6 is the top string, the fattest string. Every string from 5-1 are just the strings below string 6, 1 being the lowest, skinniest, and highest sounding string. The black dots are wear your fingers should be when playing this chord.

Here are some of the first guitar chords you should learn.

G-ackord.pngThis is a G chord, one of the most common and most epic sounding chords. It is made by putting your fingers on the 3RD FRET of both E strings and the 2ND FRET of the A string, or the string below the top, fattest string and strumming EVERY STRING. Your middle finger should be on the top E string on the third fret, your pointer finger should be on the 2nd fret of the A string, and your pinky or ring finger can cover the bottom string 3rd fret.

The strings are labeled, so that should help.


D-ackord.pngThe D chord is shown here. It is played FROM THE 4TH STRING (D) DOWN. You play this chord by placing your pointer (on the G string) and ring finger (on the bottom high E String) on the 2ND FRETĀ and your middle finger on the 3RD FRET of the B STRING.





This is the most rock and roll chord there is, the E chord. It’s played with your middle finger (on the A string)and your ring finger (on the D string) on the second fret and your pointer finger on the first fret of the G string. You STRUM ALL STRINGS for this one.





This is an A chord, it’s not too hard to play. You put three fingers on the DGB strings on the second fret. You play from the A STRING DOWN.

To make this a power chord, just play the A-G strings.




Guess what, I just taught you almost all of the chords you need to play Back in Black! If you can play these smoothly, then you can play the main chords for back in black.

You’ll be rocking in no time with your newly learned chords. Learning these really are essential, even the best songs implement these simple chords. You’ll definitely be able to play 20x more songs than before now.

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