How to Change Tunings on a Floyd Rose Equipped Guitar

November 3, 2016

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Changing Tunings on a Floyd Rose

Changing tunings is something that every guitar player hates doing. Every guitar player hates changing tunings on a floyd rose equipped guitar 10x more though. Everybody loves their Floyd Rose until they have to tune it, this takes me at least 15 minutes to do.

What is a Floyd Rose?

If you’re asking this then you probably have seen it and heard it but have never known what it was.

This is what a Floyd rose looks like on and off of a guitar. This is a Jackson Kelly, very similar to my Jackson JS32 King V, which I have a review on. You probably know it as the whammy bar and that it was it does. You can slam on the tremolo and pull it and push it like crazy and your guitar won’t go out of tune, that is the point of a floyd rose locking system.

The reason that it does not go out of tune is the same reason that it is so complicated to tune.

Floyd Roses are Lovely…Until You have to Change Tunings

Changing tunings on a Floyd Rose is NOT like changing tunings on any other guitar, it is a longer and way more complicated process. You have to use a screwdriver and allen keys on locking Floyd Rose tremolo systems.

I’ll start from Step 1

Tip: Tune in playing position and tune from the outside strings in. Start with the bottom e then the top e then the a then the b and so forth.

Step 1 is to make sure the back plate of your guitar where your floyd rose is, is off.

Floyd rose back plate

This is what your guitar should look like with the back plate off.

Step 2) Get your screwdriver ready and with the allen keys that came with the guitar, undo the screws right below the headstock of your guitar.

Allen screws for floyd rose tuning

Step 3) Start to tune your guitar like you would on any other guitar at the headstock. You’re NOT in the clear yet. As you will notice, your floyd rose will dip way up or way down, this is where you need a screwdriver.

Step 4) Tune a little bit until you notice the tilt of your tremolo. It should be parallel to the body of the guitar, it should be perfectly straight witht the body of the guitar. If your floyd rose looks like it’s going inside the body of the guitar, then screw the screws on the back of the guitar where the springs are, to the left, not too much though. And do the opposite if the tremolo is going away from the guitar.

Step 5) Patience. Every time you tune the tremolo will tilt, that’s when you adjust the back screws. And every time you adjust the back screws the guitar will go more out of tune. Keep doing this until you get all strings at the pitch you want them.

Step 6) Once all the strings are in tune and your tremolo is parallel to the body of the guitar, put the allen screws back at the top by the headstock and screw them back on, not too tight.

You’ve just tuned a floyd rose guitar. Feel free to ask any questions you want in the comments below!


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