What are some good picks?

October 22, 2016

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Picks aren’t really a hot subject in the guitar world but they should be.

A lot of people that are starting to get into picks are the ones that are starting to play faster and faster licks. That is when you notice how much a pick really matters. It matters when you want to play fast, and it can even change your sound for other things that are played slowly.

When you’re playing an acoustic guitar and you want the raking sound, it really matters what kind of picks you use. You want a pick that isn’t too thin but also isn’t too thick.

Now you can see that picks are actually something that matters when you really start getting into guitars. This is why I don’t get why I don’t hear about picks being talked about more.

The picks I use

My personal favorite picks are Dunlop Jazz 3 picks. These picks never bend on me so when I want to play something fast, it doesn’t bother me. I can also use Dunlop Tortex picks, but I’d much rather play Jazz iii picks.

Jazz III Picks

Jazz III picks are the choice of many guitarists like Eric Johnson, Mick Thompson, John Petrucci, Joe Bonamassa, and Kirk Hammett. If you notice the kind of people that play these picks, you can also notice they are made for playing fast.

These picks are 1.38mm thick, not 3mm thick like many people would think from the name of the pick. This thickness makes them perfect for playing blazing fast licks because they won’t bend when you’re playing.

If you have played different picks before than you know what I mean by bend. Thin picks bend easily and they flop around when you’re trying to play even slow things. That flopping needs to be minimized when you’re trying to play fast, you need the pick to touch that string as soon as possible.

Even when I’m not playing something crazy the Jazz III picks are so comfortable. They are small enough for me to just use without worrying about anything else and the curve they have to them feels great. I lose a lot of these picks and when I run out of them I get sad when I have to use a tortex pick which is straight and big.

That is really why I suggest Jazz III picks.

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