Best Cheap Christmas Gifts for Guitar Players
Misc. / December 1, 2016

Best Cheap Christmas Gifts for Guitar Players You want to buy a gift for a guitar player but you don’t want to spend that much money. That’s perfectly fine. There are some great and inexpensive gifts you can buy for somebody who plays guitar. If you want to find the best gifts for a guitar player you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to go show some cool and thoughtful guitar gifts that are relatively inexpensive. You can get any of these by just clicking on their picture. Gifts for Under $10   A wall hanger for guitars. This will be a perfect addition to any guitar players life. I wish I had these personally. This is a great guitar gift for any guitar player. This specific shirt is under 10 dollars, so it is a great, inexpensive gift to give anybody who likes AC/DC. I’m sure you can find other band shirts for less than 10 dollars by just clicking on the picture of the shirt. This is a keychain guitar pick holder. Now I don’t have to carry a pick in my wallet everywhere I go. It’s less than $5 too! This should be on the key chain…

Thanksgiving Break and Holiday announcement
Misc. / November 27, 2016

Share This: Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving! From this point on I’ll be uploading once a week, and I have some really cool articles planned for Christmas time coming out this week. Stay Tuned! Ryan

Is There a Separate Realm for Picks?
Misc. / October 30, 2016

Share This: Where do Picks go when they get lost?!?! This is going to be kind of a rant. We all have had this happen to us. Picks fall out of our hand to never be seen again. I have lost hundreds of picks over the years and I still don’t know where most of them have gone. How the heck do picks get lost so easily?! I am so careful when handling my picks because I know that one slip up can cause me to lose the pick forever. I started this year off with about thirty Jazz III picks. I have one pick left…. Jazz III picks are great and all but they’re small. Which also makes them so good. I just cannot keep them for longer than a couple of months. When one pick gets lost. It shall never be found again. Tell me if this happens to you in the comments

List of some My Favorite Solos of all Time
Misc. / October 10, 2016

Share This: The reason I started playing guitar was because of these little parts of songs called solos. We all love solos as guitar players whether it’s something slow and soulful like a B.B King solo or a blazing fast lick like anything from Yngwie Malmsteen. I love solos more than anything in this world. Solos get me so emotional and I literally cannot control myself when I hear a solo. I have to make all of these crazy facial expressions and I have to play the air guitar, it is inevitable. This is probably going to be an ongoing list. This list would be really long if I remembered and named every single solo that I loved. This is just going to be a list of my favorite solos from the top of my head so it won’t be 100 songs long. I have over 1100 songs on my phone, it can total up to well over 800 solos. If I forget any solos that you love let me know. I probably like the solo too and just forgot to add it. I will try not to make this too long. That might be hard though, just when I…