Best Guitar Pedals for Beginners

October 7, 2016

Looking for the Best Guitar Pedals?

If you’re a beginner guitarist looking for the best guitar pedals for beginners, then this is the place to be. You’ve probably heard of guitar pedals and had no idea what they were. If you were like me you had no idea that your favorite guitarists weren’t just using an amp and a guitar to get their sound, then you felt kind of betrayed.

But then you get it. Guitar pedals can make your sound 10x better than what it was. Even Jimi Hendrix, who is widely regarded as the best guitar player of all time used pedals. He was actually one of the first to use pedals in rock.

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal… because of course, it’s so cool

Cry baby wah pedal for beginner
This is the MXR ZW45 Zakk Wylde Signature Cry Baby® Wah Wah. This pedal is great for a beginner guitar pedal because of how simple it is to use and how good it sounds. If you don’t know how a wah pedal sounds, then listen to the intro of voodoo child by Jimmy Hendrix. You’ll definitely know why it’s called a wah pedal.

You simply just stomp your foot down to start and then mess around with your foot going up and down to get killer tones. If you really need to adjust the tone of the pedal, it’s pretty simple too. The simplicity and the reputation it has makes it great for beginners. It is used by everybody this is one of the top of the line wahs. You won’t really need to but if you want to change the tone it’s a simple thing shown here.

For the Overdrive Pedal we have the reigning champ. The Ibanez Tube Screamer

Ibanez tube screamer guitar pedal
This specific overdrive pedal is the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer. One of the most simple but important pedals you can have. This is a pedal that is best used with a tube amplifier, because it is made for tube amplifiers. No matter who the guitarist is, they’ll probably be using at least an overdrive pedal at some point to get their tone better.

This is probably the cheapest pedal you’ll find here but it is also the most essential guitar pedal. This is one of the best guitar pedals for beginners because you simply just press down the big button and it turns on. If you want to play with the tone, the options are also clearly labeled right there.

The infamous Flashback Delay Pedal

this flashback mini delay has been ranked as one of the best guitar pedals for beginners
Delay is a really important effect to have. Along with overdrive, it is one of the most used effects in the world. This effect is basically a delayed echo of the guitar sound. The TC Electronic Flashback MINI Delay produces a perfect delay that just makes things easy for beginners. There’s just something about the delay effect that this pedal produces that people love. Every guitar sound you like has some type of delay on it. This specific pedal just sounds really good and has minimal messing around making it a good guitar pedal for beginners.

One of the coolest guitar effects of them all.. the chorus

The corona chorus pedal is great for beginnersIf you’ve ever heard Come as You Are, then you know how cool the chorus effect is. For a beginner this is something that can be easily attained through the TC Electronic Mini Corona Chorus  pedal. This is no funny-business pedal that just lets you get great chorus tones easily. It is known and loved worldwide for a good reason. You’ll be playing come as you are sounding just like the record in no time.

That is the list of the best guitar pedals for beginners. Tell me your favorite effect in the comments below!

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