Thanksgiving Break and Holiday announcement
Misc. / November 27, 2016

Share This: Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving! From this point on I’ll be uploading once a week, and I have some really cool articles planned for Christmas time coming out this week. Stay Tuned! Ryan

The Goal of this Website
Uncategorized / November 17, 2016

Share This: The goal of this website is for any guitar player of any level to feel comfortable and learn at the same time. This is why the comments are always open to anybody that wants to ask a question and my email is always open to anybody with questions. I want to teach everybody to play the guitar that don’t really know anything about guitars and I want to add on to the knowledge the intermediate players have. I also want this website to be a place for everybody to be able to talk and form a community in the comments.

How to Increase Your Playing Speed
Mini Lessons / November 10, 2016

Share This: How to Increase Your Playing Speed We all want to be able to play super fast like Yngwie Malmsteen, but a lot of times we don’t know how to start and the task seems so overwhelming and time costly that we never even start. We just want to wake up one day being able to play notes at the speed of light. If you’re on this website then you’re probably not super experienced with a guitar, and that’s okay. This guide will be for those that are not that experienced playing guitar. This is a starting point. You’re only beginning, the first thing I want you to do is to commit to playing as much as you can and not quitting or getting mad when you can’t play something as fast as you would like. This is a process that takes many many years. Yngwie Malmsteen himself has stated that he played all day and night, practiced every hour that he could. If you don’t know who he is click here, he is insanely good at guitar. I show you him to show you that playing like this is real and it can be accomplished. With A LOT…

How to Change Tunings on a Floyd Rose Equipped Guitar
Mini Lessons / November 3, 2016

Share This: Changing Tunings on a Floyd Rose Changing tunings is something that every guitar player hates doing. Every guitar player hates changing tunings on a floyd rose equipped guitar 10x more though. Everybody loves their Floyd Rose until they have to tune it, this takes me at least 15 minutes to do. What is a Floyd Rose? If you’re asking this then you probably have seen it and heard it but have never known what it was. This is what a Floyd rose looks like on and off of a guitar. This is a Jackson Kelly, very similar to my Jackson JS32 King V, which I have a review on. You probably know it as the whammy bar and that it was it does. You can slam on the tremolo and pull it and push it like crazy and your guitar won’t go out of tune, that is the point of a floyd rose locking system. The reason that it does not go out of tune is the same reason that it is so complicated to tune. Floyd Roses are Lovely…Until You have to Change Tunings Changing tunings on a Floyd Rose is NOT like changing tunings on any…