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There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a best beginner electric guitar. In fact, every beginner must always consider these factors if at all to end up with the right purchase. These factors include; it should be easy to play whereby the strings are closer to the fretboard as this makes them easier to hold. Secondly, it must be of good quality and a reputable brand. Therefore you must research on the brands that you need to consider for instance Yamaha among others. Thirdly, the guitar must also stay in tune and finally, you need to ensure that it looks and sounds good because that is its ultimate purpose. Other factors that are equally important include the quality of wood used and reasonable workmanship.

Based on the factors above, there are a number of guitars on the market today that pass for best beginner electric guitars. The first guitar that is considered to be a best beginner electric guitar is Squire Fat Stratocaster. This guitar is not only good quality but is also offered at a very reasonable price that any beginner can afford. Although some people argue that the hardware as well as the pick-up of this guitar are suspect, the price makes it a good beginner guitar of choice. This guitar has a special appeal as it has the appearance of some of the expensive guitars.

The next best beginner electric guitar is Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica series HSS Deluxe. This guitar is considered by many as being of great value. This guitar has agathis body, a humbucker, two single coil pickups, rosewood fretboad and a maple neck. Beginners who use this guitar and have the desire to take up guitaring more seriously usually opt to upgrade the electronics of this guitar.

The next best beginner electric guitar is the Epiphone G-310 SG. This guitar resembles some of the expensive guitars like the Gibson SG guitars. Even then, this guitar is low cost as it uses cheaper hardware as well as humbucking pick-ups that are of low quality. In addition, it also has a mahogany neck, a dot-inlayed rosewood finger and an alder body. Most importantly, this guitar offers value for money.

The next best beginner electric guitar is the Epiphone Les Paul Special II. This brand is particularly known to be popular among lovers of rock and roll. This guitar has however been visually recreated to cater for the low cost market especially beginners. In terms of feature, this guitar has rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck, a laminated or maple body as well as two open coil humbicking pick-ups.  Finally, there is the Squire Affinity Series Telecaster. This guitar’s looks and sound are favored by some of the big names in the music industry and particularly those who play the guitar.

Thus, these guitars are particularly good for those beginners that love guitarists like Steve Cropper, Keith Richards, Danny Gaton and Albert Lee. This guitar has a maple neck, alder body and fretboard. In summary, there are quite a number of best electric beginner guitars on the market today that meet the basic requirements which many beginners can afford.